Cursillo Renewal


Come to the water.

How many times have we sung this song? How many times have we said to ourselves I should do that. I could use some refreshment.

Maybe this is the time to answer that call. If not you, who? If not now, when?

The Cursillo Renewal has been serving our community since the early seventies. There have been many changes to the outline over the years, but the essence has remained the same. The essence is that we bring ourselves into the presence of our Lord and let Him nurture us.

We will be assembling and meeting with a Team to share a weekend with you. We will be praying and working together in order to be prepared to share our Fourth Day with you. We will give you a chance to reflect on the various talks of your Cursillo weekend. The weekend includes an opportunity for confession, a healing service, as well as table sharing. There is plenty of time set aside for quiet reflection; something we all can use.

The weekend is co-ed which gives us the opportunity to share with men and women; a particularly enriching experience. It also means that you can share the weekend with your spouse or another important person in your life.

Many of us get to renew our Cursillo experience by serving on Team, and this is truly a rewarding experience. However, when you serve on Team, you are expected to be on duty for the whole weekend. On this weekend you can relax and just take care of yourself. Our Team will take care of you.

Think about it. Isn’t the time, now? Isn’t the who, you?

Come to the water.