Secretariat – Who We Are

The Secretariat has been supporting and guiding the Cursillo movement at St. Basil’s for over forty years. We work with the community to ensure that every Cursillo weekend held at Saint Basil Salvatorian Center provides a consistently excellent experience for the candidates. At our monthly meetings we use our experiences on the weekends themselves and input from team, spiritual directors, candidates, and the general community to enhance the Cursillo weekends. We update rectors and rectoras and the spiritual directors about any changes we have made in order to make each Cursillo weekend the BEST EVER!

We have lay persons and one Spiritual Director, Father Martin.  We all have specific jobs to ensure the success of the nine Cursillos in this house, two in prison, and the Cursillo renewal. We discern new rectors, rectoras, and secretariat members; we sponsor rector/rectora school; we are the liaison to Prison Cursillo; and we each participate in one Cursillo a year.

On behalf of the Secretariat, thank you for your prayer, love, and encouragement throughout the year. God bless and keep our Cursillo at Saint Basil’s strong and fruitful.

We remain united in prayer for a greater spirit of evangelization at the center.

The Secretariat

Fr. Martin Hyatt

Sue Minear, Chair

Jeannine Cunniff

Michelle Fastnacht

Peg Howson

Gary Hufnagle

Tracy Hickey

Bernadette Ippolito

Jay Ippolito

Dave LaCroix

Marie Lucey

Austin O’Connor

Allan Paduano

Scott Vachon

Phil Vidic

Elders of the Secretariat (Lifelong members):

Fran Blais

Steve Lais

Paula Lombardo

Patricia Paduano

Renée Peabody

Jim Smith

Heart of Jesus, make me holy
Heart of Mary, teach me to love Jesus
Heart of Joseph, teach me purity of Heart