2017 Summer Gospel Challenge

The community is invited to read & pray the Gospel of Saint Luke.

During the summer, as we relax a bit and slow down, it is good also to review and reflect on the Word of God. This Summer the Cursillo community is invited to read & pray the Gospel of Saint Luke.

The Gospel of Saint Luke (click here) and an outline (click here) are provided for you. While praying the Gospel of Saint Luke, try to look for Gospel accounts, parables, and themes unique to this Gospel. How does Luke present Jesus and the Good News in a way that might differ from the other three Gospels? Get creative and challenge yourself further to recognize and identify different themes in this Gospel.

For example-

Scripture texts that speaks of Inclusiveness, you might use “I” in the margin or highlight or underline the text in a particular color.

Scripture texts on Mary can be identified by an “M” in the margin or highlighted or underlined with another color.

Scripture texts on Women or the Holy Spirit can be identified by a “W” or “HS” in the margin or highlighted in another color.

Then after finishing the Gospel, you will have the entire Gospel ‘indexed’ or ‘color-coded’.

Begin each session of Scripture reading with prayer, asking the Holy Spirit who inspired the sacred word and who lives in you, to inspire you.

Read and ponder God’s Word for depth, not distance. It is not a contest or race.

You might share with your Reunion Group your thoughts and insights.

In addition to what you learn about the Gospel (facts, information, study), also open your heart up to be touched and transformed by the Holy Spirit (reading for understanding, insight, and wisdom.)


Father Martin