“I never believed in miracles. I do believe in miracles now.”

“I knew Jesus was around me. Now I realize that He is in me.”
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“I had been asked for years to live cursillo, yet always refused. It was fear that held me back. After I said ‘yes’, I now have a great relationship with Jesus. I know He has my back.”

“At the beginning of my Cursillo weekend, we were told that this weekend was more than a typical retreat that would end in three days. We were told this weekend was an invitation to live Cursillo. Ten years later, I am still Living my Cursillo as I walk humbly with Jesus on my Faith journey. Cursillo gave me the courage and the tools I needed; study,piety and action to change the direction of my life.”

“I lived my Cursillo in March of 2010, notice I said lived! It awakened and renewed my spiritual life. It was a gift to share a weekend with beautiful women and new friends were made. A lot of fun and it exceeded my expectations. Every day is a gift from God and that weekend truly was and I felt Him sitting right next to me each day.”

“I was surprised to find that Cursillo was not about church or religion. Instead it was a powerful, loving and supportive framework for looking at the basic questions of my life. If God is love, as Saint John tells me, and I live in love, then God and the way that I love the people in my life, takes on a new dimension. Is Jesus real? Did he really rise from the dead? Is He still alive? Can I meet Him? Saint Matthew tells me to ask God and He will answer me, to seek and I will find, to knock and the door to understanding will be opened. Cursillo at Saint Basils became the place for me to ask God to honor this promise and His answers have changed my life!”

“The friendships that I made on my Cursillo weekend will last forever. I could never have prepared for how fantastic the weekend actually was. It was not all about religion but rather a weekend full of examples on how to live the rest of my life. I love being part of the entire community. Just a great group of people.”